The Object Detection Module

Previously, we have covered the Classification Module. Information on the Classification Module can be found in this link.

The second module that we would like to introduce to you would be the Object Detection Module. It is a module very applicable to industries needs. The deployment steps of the module are as instinctive as well. Information on the deployment steps can be found here.

For this article’s demo, we have used daily products to show the ease of use.


Packaging, Sorting, Categorizing, Inspection, Quality Checks, Production


Object Detection (Multiple Objects with multiply orientations)

Sample Video 1

Sample Video 2

Depending on what you would require from Object Detection, the module may be extended to also pick and place applications. There are many possibilities to be explored, including merging of 2 models to 1.

Example, the Classification module may be merged with Object Detection module to achieve customized results.

Do feel free to contact Zincode for an evaluation should you like to explore the idea of implementing deep learning inspection in any areas.

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