Microscan AutoVISION

Microscan AutoVISION is the easiest machine vision software available for basic to mid-range vision applications. Process and manufacturing engineers no longer need to become experts in machine vision in order to successfully deploy a system that meets their traceability, inspection and quality control needs.

Complete Tool Set: AutoVISION includes Microscan’s powerful X-Mode decoding capability for 1D and 2D symbol reading along with trainable font-based OCR. For inspection and control applications AutoVISION includes simple yet powerful Locate, Measure, Count and Presence/Absence Tools. OCR Tool includes advanced IntelliText algorithms for hard-to-read characters. Easily validate the quality of printed text such as date/lot codes with Verification and OCV Tools. Save and print detailed Symbol Quality Verification Reports: click here to download a sample report with instructions on interpreting the data.

Intuitive User Interface: Features an intuitive user interface that guides the user to connect to a device, configure the hardware, program the job, and monitor results. Upon start up, it automatically detects all compatible devices and immediately begins configuration. Or use in ’emulator’ mode with stored images on a PC.

Microscan Link Connectivity: Microscan Link connects parameters inside AutoVISION jobs to industrial control systems and the CloudLink Dashboard Interface. A connection to a PLC system can be created by simply clicking a ‘Link’ button on the desired parameter to connect it.

CloudLink Web HMI: CloudLink provides tools for visualization of AutoVISION data, including the fully customizable CloudLink Dashboard interface, and two pre-created HTML demos for simpler devices. CloudLink Dashboard provides a real time view of linked tool values and images from compatible AutoVISION cameras and vision systems. It uses a web browser to display results in a customizable window on any browser-enabled device, including smart phones and tablets.

Scalable with Visionscape: For applications demanding more flexibility or configuration options, easily upgrade to full functionality of Visionscape, Microscan’s machine vision platform for both smart camera and PC-based systems. AutoVISION jobs can be opened with Visionscape FrontRunner enabling scripting and other advanced programming capabilities.

Multi-Language: Easily switch the interface between English, German, and Chinese languages.

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