Microscan Vision Mini Xi

Ultra-compact form factor

OEM-ready for easy installation

Integrated Ethernet connectivity, 10 to 30 VDC

Complete with processor, autofocus lens, and illumination

Simplified Programming with AutoVISION

Advanced Programming with Visionscape

The Vision MINI Xi is an ultra-compact smart camera featuring Ethernet connectivity and a complete vision tool set for machine vision tasks at close range. Manufacturing engineers can easily implement reliable inspection, color matching, symbol decoding, OCR and more in tight spaces without

With integrated Ethernet and serial connectivity, 24V, and optically isolated I/O, the Vision MINI Xi is ideal for use in any industrial application.

World’s Smallest: The Vision MINI Xi is the world’s smallest fully integrated smart camera with embedded Ethernet. Its compact size allows flexible positioning in tight spaces. The lightweight and durable magnesium alloy case weighs little more than 3 oz.

Powerful Capabilities: Features a versatile tool set to address a wide range of automation challenges using vision technology. AutoVISION software provides an intuitive interface, step-by-step guides, and a library of presets that allow easy set up and deployment.

Embedded Ethernet: Integrated Ethernet is included for industrial connectivity and high speed communication.

Autofocus: The AutoVISION button provides one button set up of targeting and autofocus, and sets internal parameters to optimize image capture.

Scalable System: AutoVISION software allows easy expansion to more complex vision applications through migration to full Visionscape software.

Vision MINI Xi Smart Camera Capabilities:

  • 1D/2D symbol decoding
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Symbol Quality Verification and OCV
  • Dynamic part location
  • Assembly verification
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Plus Visionscape Option
  • Image transformation and scaling
  • Precision calibration
  • Custom vision tools (scripting)
  • Program Control functions
  • 50+ machine vision tools

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