In-Line, High Performance, Print Quality Inspection For Digital Web Print Environment

The Discovery Roll Inspector is an inline, all-in-one, 100% web inspection system from Lake Image Systems. Ideally suited for laser and inkjet web printing systems, the Discovery Roll Inspector ensures all your printing meets the high standards required by your clients.

A. 100% Print Quality Assurance

B. Auto Job Template Selection

C. Conditional Logic Processing

D. Comprehensive Web Reporting and ADF Integration

E. One System, Three Configuration

F. Complete, All-in-One Solution


  • Machine independent – Can be retro-fitted to most existing web printers
  • Scalable – adapt to changing customer requirements, minimizes obsolescence
  • Reliable – Reading and matching of a multitude of symbologies and print defects at high speeds
  • Flexible – Ability to perform variable and multiple verifications/inspections simultaneously, page by page with user-defined error thresholds
  • Supported – Comprehensive maintenance contracts featuring remote diagnostics


  • Less Scrap / Waste – Immediately detect errors to prevent costly scrapping of large runs of misprinted product
  • Improved Productivity – Automate labor intensive inspection processes, job set-ups and reporting
  • Compliance – Ensure all jobs comply to client needs and government regulations
  • Lower Costs & Mitigate Risks – Prevents costly reruns and rejects and reduces risks
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – 100% inspection meets requirement of large demanding customers
  • Increased Revenues – Attract more customers with assurances that you will handle their work with 100% quality

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