Inventory Tracking System (ITS)

ITS is used as an RFID track and trace platform to help companies improve productivity. The system will allow a company to effectively identify and manage items as well as track and perform lifecycle management using auto-Identification technology such as RFID.

ITS consists of two software, mainly the web-based system and handheld system. Both of which synchronizes through Wi-Fi connection or via USB cable transmission.

Web-based system is used to manage user accounts, modules management, data analysis and report generation while handheld system handle all operation processes such as item registration, item check in and out, item relocation and etc.

> Printing of Tags

RFID Tags can be printed by Authorized users using the ‘Print Tags’ Module in the ITS.

> Customisable Fields for Tags

The ITS System is able to cater to customisable fields for below as such;

  • Asset number
  • Sub-asset number
  • Asset description
  • Serial number

> Amendment of record details on Handheld device

Users would be able to ammend tag details using the handheld device.

> Access Control

By Module

By Category

The ITS is able to create Users and grant each user highly customised access levels.

The access levels could be categorized by ‘modules’, by ‘assets’ or a mixture of both.

> MRO Feature

Value-added service: Inform owners when the equipment are due for maintenance

Handheld interface

Windows Interface

Users are allowed to log in MRO details on Handheld Device and Web Browser Interface.

Currently, the ITS has a feature to log the MRO details into the item on both Web browser interface or Handheld interface.

Users could make use of the ‘Stock Taking’ Module instead to set indicative dates when maintenance is due.

> Able to track asset being loan out

Handheld interface

Windows Interface

> Generation of Loan Receipt

User would be able to track assets that are loaned out on Handheld devices and Web Browser Interface.

> Able to verify asset offline

Upon download of database into the handheld device, user would be able to use it for offline purposes.

> Ability to upload attachment

Users are able to upload attachedments for reference.

Standard Package for ITS

Consultancy: Training Setup and Mentoring


X1 PC / Laptop

$2000 worth of UHF RFID Tags

X3 RFID Handheld Readers

X1 RFID Printer

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