Quality Checks on Alcohol Wipes Packaging

The classification module of Neurocle Deep Learning can also be applied to the medical industry as well.

In the medical industry, vision checks are crucial to the production line. This is to ensure the production produces products that are conformed to regulatory requirement.

One of such checks would be to make sure packaging have the necessary prints such as lot number, manufacturing date and expiry date. At the same time, there are no tears on the packaging.

Print information required by regulatory

Tear on packaging (created for demo purpose)

Classification– Visual Checks on Packaging Quality


Neurocle Deep Learning AI Inspection proves to be able to carry out defect checks. At the same time, Neurocle AI Deep Learning is also able to classify defects.

Good Sample (Front)

Good Sample (Back)




The method could easily help operators or users to sievclassificatione out reject products. At the same time, the type of reject could also be categorized.

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