Product Description

TR5080 was specifically developed to cover the widest possible range of flood coated label applications. It performs well on the various inks used on spot-coated and flood-coated labels, eliminating the tendency for the label to slip during the printing process. TR5080 eliminates the need for the use of thermal transfer varnishes on flood-coated labels, thereby reducing the total label cost. This specialty wax/resin ribbon features DNP’s SmoothCoat™ backcoat and our exclusive anti-static properties for easier handling and extra printhead protection.

Recommended Applications

Recommended Substrates

Coated/uncoated paper & tag stocks, synthetic paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, top-coated vinyl, polyolefin, Tyvek®, Tyvek Brillion®, Valeron®, Teslin®, AlphaMAX®

Performance Characteristics

  • Ideal for printing on spot-coated and flood-coated labels
  • Prints at high speeds (12 IPS) delivering crisp, rotated bar codes
  • Features DNP’s SmoothCoat™ backcoat
  • Eliminates the cost of special varnishes
  • Prints at high resolutions (400 dpi+)
  • Unbeatable Edge Definition™ for dark, dense images and improved scan rates
  • Anti-static for easy handling and extended printhead life

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