Product Description

DNP’s newest wax product features a blend of waxes and a unique resin that are combined in an ink that flows smoothly at low print energy to give uniform coverage on lower end substrates. TR4055® also incorporates technology designed to control and dissipate static charges and a backcoat proven to protect your printhead. Specially formulated to provide excellent performance in a broad range of applications, TR4055® sets the standard for everyday thermal transfer printing. In addition, TR4055® Standard Wax is coated and converted with pride in Mt. Pleasant, PA.

Recommended Applications

Recommended Substrates

Coated/uncoated paper & tag stocks

Performance Characteristics

  • Designed to provide excellent performance in everyday applications on the most commonly used substrates; including coated and uncoated paper and tags
  • Good smudge and scratch resistance
  • Capable of print speeds up to 6-8 IPSs
  • Dark glossy printed image
  • Halogen-free

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