Product Description

Our halogen-free R510HF is one of the toughest resin ribbons on the market. R510HF is the only halogen-free resin ribbon capable of handling extreme environmental labeling with our unmatched scratch and solvent resistance. Designed with our standard anti-static and backcoat properties to protect the printhead, R510HF has unbeatable Edge Definition™ for crisp, extremely durable, and dense harsh environmental bar codes.

Recommended Applications

Recommended Substrates

Top-coated vinyl, polyimide, polyesters, PVC cards, PET cards

Performance Characteristics

  • Halogen-free
  • Unmatched in abrasion and solvent resistance
  • High density printing ensuring Edge Definition™
  • Anti-static for easy handling and extended printhead life
  • DNP’s specially formulated backcoating for printhead protection

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