UltraCard® Premium is the preferred card for High Definition Printing (HDP�) applications. The affordable and extremely durable UltraCard Premium is the non-technology card of choice for the Fargo HDP5000 and other Direct-to-Card (DTC®) applications that require a higher quality card.

UltraCard® Premium Key Features:

– Clean, glossy dye receptive surface

– Polyester composite construction

– Ideal with fluorescent printing applications

– Innovative delamination resistant construction


– Dimensions: 2.125″ x 3.375″ x 0.030″ (5.40 cm x 8.57cm x 0.076 cm)

– Card Construction: Composite Polyester (40%) PVC (60%) construction

– Options: High-Coercivity (2750 Oe) Magnetic Stripe, Custom VeriMark Foil Stamp, Custom HoloMark Foil Stamp

Download Brochure:

FARGO Card Design Guide.pdf

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