You can use the YMCKO ribbon for every single or double-sided colour printing. Part number: R3011 – R3511 – R3411

YMCKO Ribbon, Part # R3011 – R3511 – R3411

– Color ribbon 5 panels: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and Overlay

– Number of prints per roll: up to 500

– Cards lifespan: up to 3 years

– Printers concerned: Tattoo, Pebble, Dualys, Quantum, Securion

In addition to the standard colours (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black), YMCKO ribbons apply a protective varnish onto your cards, to retain a high quality of image despite its frequent use. This process makes it possible to optimize the quality of printed images and logos with a 300 DPI resolution that guarantees expert presentation. Printed cards can, therefore, be used for up to 3 years.

Storage Recommendations:

It is recommended to use this product within one year. Avoid dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures. Do not place near solvent or other chemicals.

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