The robust AN440 RFID antenna delivers the high-performance, capacity and range you need to track dense product traffic quickly and accurately, even in large application areas.

Need to keep track of thousands of assets in a challenging environment? High product density and heavy traffic across a large area? The AN440 RFID Antenna delivers exceptional performance and reliable data communication for areas once considered too demanding for effective RFID deployment. Use the AN440 to create superior read zones around shelves, doorways and dock doors, indoors and outdoors, anywhere boxes and pallets are moving into and out of your facility.

The AN440 has a rugged white housing that is easy to mount and equally at home in both customer-facing and industrial settings. It meets all standard technical requirements, so deployment with Zebra RFID fixed readers is fast and simple. Get your dream large-area application off the drawing board and into your production environment quickly and efficiently with the AN440.

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