The 3.5G MC75A HF adds integrated HF RFID technology to the widely deployed MC75A for contactless transaction and payment, asset and identity management.

Improve the service levels in your ticketing, secure transactions, and identity asset management applications with the MC75A HF and Near Field Communications (NFC) based processes.

Now you can give your mobile workers one device that can replace six devices and deploy a feature set that includes an HF RFID reader/writer, 3.5G WWAN, mobile computer, barcode scanner and imager, GPS, and 3.2 MP camera.

Buying fewer tools gives you more features and functionality to reduce the capital, complexity and operating costs of enterprise deployments.

Zebra MC75A HF RFID Readers Features and Benefits:

Enables NFC (Near Field Communication) And Global Closed-Loop Transactions And Payments

Supports MIFARE, FeliCa and Calypso (ISO 14443-A/B) and standard ISO15693 RFID tags.

Capture Virtually Any Type of Business Data

Read HF RFID tags, scan barcodes, take pictures, video or capture locations with Zebra Mobility Architecture eXtensions (MAX) Data Capture.

Six Devices In One

World mobile phone, HF RFID reader/writer, mobile computer, barcode scanner and imager, high resolution digital camera and GPS all-in-one functio.

nality substantially reduces the volume of devices you need to purchase and manage.

Unparalleled Voice Functionality And Interoperability

Zebra Mobility Architecture eXtensions (MAX) Voice includes the ability to function as a desk phone, complete with 4 digit extension dialing, all desk phone features and more.

Cost-Effective Deployment of HF-Based RFID Applications

Expands device functionality with the MC70/MC75 accessories you already own, protects your investment and minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO).


Passes Zebra’s signature rugged specifications for drop, tumble and sealing.

Maximum Security

Get government grade security with: FIPS 140-2 certification, support for the most advanced encryption and authentication protocols; and high-performance Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for compliance with the toughest industry regulations, such as PCI and HIPAA.


The most robust processing platform for blazing application performance.

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