The 8400 mobile computer enables smarter decisions and improves business agility by taking powerful data applications directly to the points of work in the fields of warehousing, retail and field sales. Wireless Bluetooth capabilities give easy access to peripherals and servers, keeping workers in-touch and always a step ahead of the task at hand. The largest-in-class backlit, 2.6-inch, 160×160 pixel display makes work simple, even in dark corners. Drops, humidity, or freezing temperatures won’t stop CipherLab 8400 handheld data terminal. It’s built though to work on the edge.

Light Industrial Mobile Computer with Bluetooth®

Bluetooth® Class 2 compliance
Choice of linear imager, laser, or 2D imager
Energy-efficient design for up to 110 hours of batch operation between charges (up to 65 hours using Bluetooth®)
2.6-inch 160 x 160 pixel, easy-to-read backlit display
Two dual color LEDs and programmable vibrator / beeper to notify data capture
4MB / 16MB SRAM data memory with microSD slot (supports SDHC) for expandable data storage
Multiple 1.5 m drops onto concrete (5 drops on each side) / IP54
CipherLab’s Power Suite enables custom applications:
FORGE Application Generator including data transmission OCX, STREAM Wireless Studio, MIRROR Terminal Emulation, BLAZE C Compiler and BASIC Compiler.

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