Small Enough? Fixed Mount DPM Scanner

Small and ultra compact are what best describe our new self teaching TFIR-31DM. Use it on laser etched an inkjet directpart mark codes and you will be surprised what it can do for your application. Our industry leading TFIR-31DM offers you a cost effective solution that focusses on laser etched and inkjet direct part mark codes. The TFIR-31DM bundles an image engine, powered by Tohken’s state of te art color imaging technology, with a powerful processing and communication board for best-in-class color image quality and scanning performance. Designed for simple and easy integration, the TFIR-31 is ideal for drop-in into machines, ATM, Kiosks, or any other AIDC applications.

Integration: Because of its small size and dual scanning window layout it is possible to use it in even the tightest spaces. Simply switch from side to from scanning window, and the reader gives you a whole new set of opportunities.

Setup: With the units integrated “Teach” button you are able to let the unit teach itself the best settings for your application, without having to go trough the process of manually configuring a lot of settings.

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