The QX Hawk is the world’s first imager to be fully integrated with liquid lens technology, enabling infinite focus flexibility. Bridging the gap between ease of use and performance, the QX Hawk features a high resolution modular optical zoom system, aggressive X-Mode decoding, and simple plug and play connectivity.

The QX Hawk imager easily reads any barcode or 2D symbol, including challenging 2D direct part marks (DPM), in any environment, within seconds of installation.

Advanced Optical System
Advanced imaging technology includes a high resolution modular optical zoom system that enables the QX Hawk to read marks at distances from 20 mm to 2 m and beyond. Combined with patent pending liquid lens autofocus, the QX Hawk can easily cover almost any auto ID application.

Decode Any Symbol
Using best-in-class X-Mode decode algorithms, the QX Hawk consistently captures everything from low contrast, damaged, or otherwise challenging direct part marks, to a high density 3.3 mil Data Matrix, to a very large linear barcode.

Powerful Performance
The QX Hawk is powered by a dual core ARM/DSP processor to allow both high speed image capture and real time configuration and communication. The embedded processing, combined with three high speed inputs/outputs directly from the reader, enable the QX Hawk to provide line level control functions.
– Decodes/second: up to 60
– Read range: varies by configuration
– Liquid lens autofocus & modular zoom
– Optional C-Mount lens model
– Integrated Ethernet networking
– Advanced X-Mode decoding algorithms
– Simple plug and play connectivity
– Compact, rugged IP65/67 enclosure
– Optional Embedded Ethernet TCP/IP & EtherNet/IP

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