The MS-4Xi features ultra-compact size and wide angle optics to provide the widest field of view available for reading any symbol at close range. Aggressive decoding is ensured through X-Mode technology, which reads direct part marks and damaged or difficult symbols with no configuration or setup required.

Easy setup and advanced decoding make the MS-4Xi the ideal imager for reliable reading in almost any automation environment.

X-Mode Technology: Our patented X-Mode technology provides easy setup and deployment of the MS-4Xi in any application. In addition to reliable decoding of damaged or difficult linear codes and 2D symbols, the MS-4Xi features advanced decode algorithms to read a wide range of direct part marks.

Embedded Ethernet: Integrated Ethernet TCP/IP is included for industrial connectivity and high speed communication.

Compact & Lightweight: The MS-4Xi is the world’s smallest high performance imager. Its small form allows flexible positioning in tight spaces. The lightweight and durable magnesium alloy case weighs less than 2 oz.

Wide Field of View: The MS-4Xi has an extremely wide field of view and reads linear codes or 2D symbols as close as 1″ (25 mm).

Mounting Flexibility: The compact size, right angle mirror option, and corner-exit cable of the MS-4Xi conserve cubic space to create the tightest fit possible within instrumentation and equipment.
– Decodes/second: up to 10
– X-Mode Decoding Technology
– Integrated Ethernet Connectivity
– 10 to 30 VDC

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