The MS-2D engine is an ultra-compact barcode imaging system that can be easily integrated into any device. Featuring advanced technologies for decoding, the MS-2D engine includes a dual optical field for reliable reading of both large 1D barcodes and high density 2D symbols.

Designed specifically for embedded applications, the MS-2D engine provides the best performance available for reading 1D/2D symbols and direct part marks at very close range.

Compact & Lightweight: The MS-2D decode board has a footprint of 1.54″ W by 0.98″ D by 0.30″ H (39.0 mm W by 24.9 mm D by 7.6 mm H) and weighs only 0.10 oz. (2.8 g).

Reading Capabilities: The MS-2D engine with X-Mode decoding algorithms can easily read the most damaged or difficult codes and symbols, including direct part marks.

Multiple Configurations: A variety of mounting features are available including tabs, blind through holes, and mounting brackets. Configuration options include integrated decode board and mounting bracket, or low profile tab mount with remote decode board.

Easy Setup: ESP software provides easy configuration of the MS-2D engine, including selectable trigger and symbology setting.
– Ultra-fast Microprocessor
– X-Mode Technology for High Performance Decoding
– USB 2.0, RS-232 Interface Options
– Low 5V Power Draw

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