The MS-9 barcode scanner delivers a decode rate unmatched among small fixed-mount scanners. The superior processing of the MS-9 provides multiple looks at a given label, ensuring data integrity. MS-9 also has an option to read OMR (Optical Mark Recognition).

The MS-9 is the ideal barcode scanner for high speed processing applications.

Ultra-High Scan Speed: The MS-9 barcode scanner processes 2000 scans per second in real time, delivering superior performance in high throughput applications. High decode speed also provides several scans of the symbol which increases data capture accuracy.

Compact Size: The small size and compact shape of the MS-9 allows mounting flexibility and easy integration into existing machinery.

Preventative Maintenance: Internal diagnostic tools monitor operating conditions and send user-defined messages to alert the operator when thresholds have been exceeded.

Visible Indicators: Illuminated LEDs on top of the scanner provide visual confirmation of scanner performance.

Real-time Controls: The inputs include a trigger signal, a “new master” input, and a programmable input for resetting counters or releasing outputs. The outputs can be configured to activate upon a variety of conditions including matchcode and diagnostic operations.
– Decodes/second: up to 2000
– Read Range: 1 to 9″ (25 to 229 mm)
– OMR Reading
– IP54 Enclosure

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