Improved Design With Better Uniformity Of Anti-Static Capability

The THIR-6000HU-ESD reader has been specifically designed to meet the strict requirements of the ESD protected areas. Built with Silicon free housing, the THIR-6000HU-ESD is ideal for ESD-sensitive and clean room applications. The THIR-6000HU-ESD scanner provides omni-directional reading for all traditional linear barcodes, stacked 2D symbologies and matrix 2D symbologies as well as capturing color images like photographs of other objects or signatures. The THIR-6000HU-ESD is powered by Tohken’s color imaging technology for best-of-class color image quality and scanning performance. All the ESD resistant characteristics are coupled with the same outstanding performances of the standard THIR-6000 model. The safe, LED-based illumination removes the risks involved with lasers without scarificing performance. The leading edge field of view provides end users with freedom from critical alignment and one trigger pull simplicity.

Tohken THIR-6000HU-ESD 2D Imager Features and Benefits:

  • Silicon free housing
  • Complete voltage discharge
  • Integrated barcode scanning and color image capture
  • High durability with no moving parts
  • Industry leading field of view (2x larger than VGA based handheld scanners)
  • Omni-directional reading (provides more freedom and ease of use to the end user from the broad reading area)

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