Minimize manual data entry with the Socket Mobile CHS 7Di/7DiRx, a durable 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner. Small, lightweight, and comfortable to hold. The CHS 7Di can scan barcodes printed on labels or displayed on device screens. The rubber bumper and sealed reinforcements make the CHS 7Di durable to withstand multiple 6.6ft (2m) drops to concrete. Easy to connect, it’s ideal for retail, asset tracking, field service or other mobile scanning applications.

Certified by Apple® for iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, iTouch®) and compatible with Android, BlackBerry® and Windows® smartphones and tablets.

CHS 7Di/7DiRx – 1D Imager Barcode Scanner Overview and Features:

– Certified by Apple® for iOS devices – Guaranteed Compatibility
– Compatible with Android, BlackBerry, and Windows devices
– Ergonomic and light weight – fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
– Made with antimicrobial material for protection against potential harmful microbes
– Battery Friendly® technology enables battery lasting a full work shift
– Durable – Withstands multiple 6.6 ft (2m) drops to concrete, rubber bumpers for extra protection
– Long-range Bluetooth for wireless freedom of movement up to 330 feet (100 meters)
– Ideal for retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and more
– Comes in two colors: Gray and Off- White
– Designed and assembled in the USA
– In-depth Developer Support
– Fully Programmable

– Connects easily to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, notebook and desktop computers.
– Enjoy wireless freedom with long-range Bluetooth connection of 330 ft (100m)
– Reads all common 1D / linear and stacked barcodes up to 20″ (51 cm) away
– Small and lightweight
– Lasts a full work shift – 14-hour battery life
– Durable – Withstands multiple 6.6 ft (2m) drops to concrete Watch Durability Video
– Ergonomic – Fits perfectly in the hand for comfortable use over extended periods
– Made with antimicrobial material for protection against potential harmful microbes
– Wearable – Includes lanyard / belt clip for convenient access wherever you go
– Color options (Gray & Off-White) enables corporate branding/personalization and is easy to find in busy work environments
– Designed & made in the USA
– No software installation required – use Bluetooth HID mode to connect like a wireless keyboard
– Advanced functionality and scanner configuration supported in Bluetooth SPP mode with SocketScan 10 keyboard wedge software (included)
– Warranty: 1 year for Barcode Scanner and 90 days for Accessories – Extended warranty available

Available in 2 colors: Color / SKU#
CHS 7Di Gray: CX2877-1472
CHS 7DiRx White: CX2879-1474

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