Product Overview

Ultra Rugged Corded and Cordless Scanners

Your environments couldn’t be a tougher place for scanners to survive. Drops to concrete, spills, dust, heat, cold, rain, snow and more – your scanners will see it all. That’s why we developed a new class of scanner – ultra-rugged. When it comes to industrial strength for your most challenging environments, the 3600 Series is in a class of its own.

Built to a unique set of specifications, the nearly indestructible 3600 Series is dustproof, sprayproof, waterproof and more, designed to handle everything your environment and your workers dish out every day -you won’t find a tougher scanner.

Features and Benefits:

1. The highest drop specification for any rugged scanner. Your workers spend their day walking and driving material handling vehicles, such as forklifts, on concrete. That’s why we engineered the 3600 Series to survive 8 ft./2.4 m to drops to concrete — 23 percent more durable than competitive devices.
2. The highest tumble specification for any rugged scanner. The 3600 Series works even after 5,000 consecutive tumbles, ensuring reliable operation after the real-world tumbling that typically follows a drop.
3. Dustproof, sprayproof and waterproof. The 3600 Series are the only scanners with two sealing ratings — IP65
and IP67 — and the only scanner to offer IP67. The result is a scanner that is 100 percent dustproof, can handle the force of jetting water and can be fully submerged in water.
4. Built for blazing heat and sub-zero temperatures in freezers and outdoor yards. Built to withstand extreme heat, cold and humidity, our corded and cordless models can be used anywhere — indoor, outdoor and even in the freezer. *Heated scanner holder accessory recommended to reduce condensation on the outside of the scan window when moving
in and out of freezers.

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