The PowerScan™ PBT9300 laser scanner features standard Bluetooth® wireless technology combined with the outstanding reliability and reading performance found in all PowerScan products.

Based on Bluetooth 3.0 standard wireless technology, Class 1 Range (in open air); up to 100 m / 328 ft. Connectivity is implemented through the receiving base station, which communicates to the host through a choice of interfaces (Serial, USB or Keyboard Wedge) or by connecting the scanner directly to any commercial or embedded Bluetooth compliant device, or via Ethernet by using the BC9180-BT base/charger using Standard Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet protocols (Ethernet IP and Modbus).

The PowerScan PBT9300 scanner mounted on a forklift with a Vehicle Mount Terminal (VMT) provides an excellent solution for warehouse applications.

The PBT9300 is available in three different models: a basic cordless model (PBT9300); an intermediate model with display and a 4-key keypad (PBT9300-D); and the advanced model (PBT9300-DK) which features a display and a full 16-key alphanumeric keyboard. All PowerScan PBT9300 models are available with reading optics for Standard Range (SR) or Auto Range (AR) for reading distances up to 11.5 m / 37.0 ft on reflective codes.


  • Supports Bluetooth wireless technology SPP and HID profiles
  • Drop resistance to 2.0 m / 6.5 ft
  • Piconet with up to 7 scanners connected to the same base station
  • Optics available in: Standard Range: contact up to 1.6 m / 5.2 ft Auto Range: up to 11.5 m / 37.0 ft on reflective codes
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Class 1 compliant
  • Datalogic’s 3GL technology and a loud beeper for good-read feedback

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