Scanners are a key tool for your employees, helping them do their work faster and easier. But for those employees who also need to view and key in data, it might not be enough.

The MT2000 Series combines the simplicity of a scanner with the intelligence of a mobile computer, providing advanced 1-D/2-D barcode, DPM and image capture, as well as the ability to key in and view data. 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth, corded and batch connectivity options provide the flexibility to meet a wide range of applications, and the ergonomic yet rugged design offers comfortable, reliable operation throughout your environment.

Built on the .Net platform for easy application development, the MT2000 Series also comes pre-loaded with inventory software and an MCL client to facilitate porting of new and legacy applications.

MT2000 Series Mobile Terminal Features and Benefits:

Comprehensive connectivity options — including wireless, cordless and corded:
802.11a/b/g for wireless freedom throughout your facility; Bluetooth® for connectivity as far as 300 feet (91.44 m) away from a host device; USB, RS-232 for flexible corded connectivity.

Comprehensive data capture options — 1-D, 2-D, image capture, EAS:
Significantly reduces the need to purchase multiple devices to capture different types of data — today and in the future.

Superior 1-D laser scanning technology:
First time rapid capture of even damaged and poor quality 1-D barcodes over a large working range — from 1 in/2.54 cm to as far as 192 in/486.68 cm.

A new standard for 2-D imaging:
Aggressive performance on 1-D/2-D barcodes plus the ability to capture signatures, photos and video; omnidirectional 1-D/2-D barcode scanning improves productivity by eliminating the need to align scanner and barcode.

Windows CE 5.0 operating system:
Easy to scale and highly reliable industry-standard open architecture.

Pre-loaded MCL client:
Provides the platform independence required to easily connect to new and legacy applications.

Forward-scanning pistol grip:
Easy-to-grip well-balanced design; reduces fatigue in scan-intensive environments.

Rugged design:
6 ft./1.8 m drop specification, IP54 sealing, scratch-resistant tempered glass exit window help ensure reliable operation in spite of everyday drops and exposure to dust and liquids.

Government grade security with MAX Secure:
FIPS 140-2 certification enables compliance with the most stringent industry security regulations, including HIPAA , PCI and requirements for sensitive government applications (available on MT2000 Series Bluetooth-enabled mobile terminals).

Compatible with Mobility Services Platform (MSP):
Complete centralized management capabilities dramatically reduces the time and cost of day-to-day device management.

High resolution high contrast colour QVGA display:
Easy to view regardless of lighting — from bright sunlight to dimly lit warehouses.

21-key enhanced keypad:
Shifted alphanumeric functionality simplifies data entry; soft keys enable design of easy-to-use applications with a highly intuitive interface.

Microsoft .NET development environment:
Easily develop new and port existing applications.

Optional Intellistand:
Increases application flexibility by providing a hands-free mode.

Multiple indicators: beeper mode, pager mode and LEDs:
Provides dependable user feedback in a wide range of environments.

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