The SR61-HD DPM scanner gives you a reliable, cost-effective solution for mixed barcode environments that include high-density symbols, direct part marks (DPM), and standard barcodes. It’s optimized for scanning direct part marks commonly used to track assets in defense, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries.

Optimized Optics: Customized imaging engine scans dot peened, chemical- or laser-etched direct part marks – and can even read small, reflective and low-contrast marks.

A Complete Family: Part of a comprehensive scanner family that includes full-range scanning, arm’s length scanning, specialized DPM and intrinsically-safe options.

Responsive: High-definition imager scans 1D and 2D barcodes with unmatched motion tolerance and fast time-to-read, while also supporting image and real-time video capture.

Easy to Use: Highly visible aimer makes targeting barcodes fast and efficient.

Ergonomically Designed: Comfort grip and omnidirectional scanning capability result in less worker fatigue over a full shift.

Compatible: Full-speed USB 2.0 wired or Bluetooth® wireless interface lets you quickly transfer barcode data or images to the host system.

Product Details

The SR61-HD DPM scanner with high-density direct part mark area imager is built on the proven SR61 industrial barcode scanner platform. This customized version is capable of scanning high-density barcodes and direct part marks commonly used to track assets in defense, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries.

And because this scanner is built on a common, mature hardware platform, it gives you a much more cost-effective solution for scanning direct part marks when compared to specialized, purpose-built devices. With its customized imager, the SR61-HD DPM can reliably scan direct part marks, while still providing aggressive performance on standard barcodes.

  • High performance imager is capable of scanning very fine marks – as small as 3 mils for 1D codes and 5 mils for DataMatrix codes.
  • Features omnidirectional scanning with extreme motion tolerance for incredible responsiveness at any angle.
  • Advanced built-in capabilities increase scanner versatility: data parsing, multi-code reading, and image/video capture.

Like the entire SR61 series, the SR61-HD DPM scanner features a high impact housing and solid-state design that exceeds industrial and military standards. Count on it to perform well in harsh environments where dust, moisture or extreme temperatures are the norm.



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