– Long-distance reading and reading wide barcodes into one machine MCR-H710 model debut.
– New Bluetooth Model Lineup!
– Best fit to read Direct Marking symbols!
– Can’t miss the target through the Wide View Window!
– Combination of illumination, Preinstalled configurations!
– Simple GUI for configuration [MCRConfig] – PLC Link function (RS232C model)
– ESD model lineup

Functions and features introduction:

– Best fit to read Direct Marking symbols!
Upon our database of Direct Marking, we know how difficult to read the markings which could exist in the world. We integrated our lighting and camera technique to catch the best images for the decoding.

– Combination of illumination, Preinstalled configurations!
Preinstalled configurations reduce the setting work as it covers various types of markings such as metal, ABS, PCB and glass. In case we face No Read with preinstalled configurations, Easy Setup mode can be used by using configuration software (MCRConfig) or combination of trigger and function button.

– Ease to find the objects through the Wide View Window!
Wide View WindowLike other Direct Marking reader, MCR-H700 has larger reading head than normal readers but it is very easy to catch the target. thanks to the Wide View Window.

– Simple GUI for configuration【 MCRConfig】
Capturing the images through the scanner continuously and configure the suitable illumination and image processing.

-PLC Link function (RS232C model)
Determine the memory address of PLC for data collect, and register the address to the scanner, and then MCR-H700 writes the reading data to the address with only memory monitoring logic. Handshake for data read/write is also implemented.

– Bluetooth Model is also available!
Since the reading result can be transmitted to the host computer over the air (Bluetooth communication), more freedom for the work range. Bluetooth maximum communication distance (reference value): Approximately 10 m in the open field (Bluetooth Class II) ※ It varies depending on the obstacle (water, human body, metal wall etc.) and radio wave condition. ※ Bluetooth USB adapter etc. for host PC are not included. * Charging stand (MBC – 700) and AC adapter are optional.

– Long Range model – MCR-H710 is also available
MCR-H710 has further focus than MCR-H700, and then it has wider FOV (Field of view) and DOF (Depth of field), and it enables longer working distance. This is useful for the operation which does not allow the scanner approach to the object or needs to read wide 1D barcode and relatively small 2D code by one barcode scanner.


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