The LS1203-HD handheld scanner is designed for electronics manufacturers who need to scan small, high density 1-D barcodes on PCB assemblies for track, trace, quality and other applications. It delivers the functionality, features and reliability needed to increase operational efficiencies right out of the box. Single board construction and a durable scan element significantly reduce downtime and repair costs, and multiple interfaces help ensure connectivity to your system today and tomorrow.

Symbol LS1203-HD Single Line Laser Scanner Features and Benefits:

Durable, single-board construction:
Meets 5-ft drop tests, significantly reducing downtime and repair costs.

Multiple interfaces: RS232, USB, keyboard wedge (KBW) in one scanner:
Simplifies installation and integration, ensuring future compatibility.

Sleek, lightweight, ergonomic design:
Maximizes comfort for all-day use.

Intuitive scanning and plug-and-play capability:
Minimizes setup and training time.

Choice of triggered or continuous mode:
Ensures versatile, accurate first-time scanning.

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