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Auto Deep Learning Model Trainer for Industrial Experts

Neurocle has developed a powerful software that interprets images and video data through the integration of deep learning technology to computer vision. It create the best deep learning models using a simple GUI. Even if you don’t have any deep learning experience, you can run your own deep learning project from start to end.

Neurocle provides three types of deep learning software : Neuro-T, Neuro-X, and Neuro-R.

These are divided into two categories: software for model training and runtime library.

Deep Learning Model Type 

-Our software support 6 different model types.
-User can select individual model or connect multiple models for vision inspection.

  • Classification
  • Segmentation
  • Object Detection
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Rotation
  • OCR

Main Feature of Neuro T 

  • Auto Deep Learning Algorithm
  • Auto – Labeling
  • Local Cloud Environment
  • Flowchart & Inference Center
  • Fast Retraining

What is Neuro-R?

  • Neuro-R is the Runtime Library for integrating a model into inspection machine.
  • The model created by Neuro-T can only be integrated through Neuro-R.
  • Combination of model, device, and configuration create an Inference engine, Executor.

Flexible Compatibility of Neuro-R

  • Neuro-R supports the most popular programming languages : C++, Python, and C#
  • Neuro-R is compatible with various devices : Jetson, CPU, and GPU

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