AXR®TX Thermal Transfer ribbon has been specially designed by ARMOR to offer optimum print durability in line with the highly specific demands of textile product life cycles.

  • The inkanto ribbon specially designed for printing textile product labels
  • Guarantees legible and durable printing
  • Resistant to industrial and domestic cleaning processes
  • Resistant to cleaning processes
  • Printed information using the AXR®TX remains perfectly legible despite repeated aggressions from industrial and domestic cleaning processes.
  • In addition to internal testing carried out by ARMOR, the resistance levels of AXR®TX have also been assessed against the following standards:

Colour fastness in water: ISO 105-E01
Domestic washing and drying: ISO 6330/A1
Dry cleaning: ISO 105-D01

Resistance to conditions of use
AXR®TX is resistant to aggressions linked to product utilisation, guaranteeing that information will always remain legible during cleaning or use.
The resistance levels of the AXR®TX have been assessed against the following standards:

Resistance to rubbing: ISO 105-X12
Resistance to sweat: ISO 105-E04
Resistance to UV: higher than 7 on the blue scale

Print quality
AXR®TX produces high quality prints for both logos and barcodes.
The print blackness and sharpness perfectly meet all requirements related to product identification and traceability.

Compatibility with technical labels
AXR®TX is a very versatile ribbon: a single product for printing on any type of label material used in the textile industry.
The ribbon is also compatible with RFID labels.

The components of the AXR®TX are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The ribbon complies with the following norms and standards:
AXR®TX is one of the safest ribbon in the world in terms of human-ecological requirements. Following Oeko-Tex® stringent inspection, AXR®TX can be used for baby articles based on STANDARD 100, Appendix 4, product class 1.


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