AXR®EL has been specially designed to meet ARMOR’s high-quality standards, offering optimum durability in line with the highly specific demands of electronic products, particularly printed circuit boards

Ribbon developed exclusively for the electronics industry
Resistant to circuit board soldering and cleaning processes
Print sharpness for small barcodes
Resistance to soldering
Some of the soldering processes use temperature cycles up to 270°C (518 °F).
AXR®EL is resistant to 300°C (572°F) to guarantee a print that remains perfectly legible.

Resistance to cleaning
AXR®EL is resistant to both solvent and water-based cleaning products. Traceability data is retained throughout the production chain.

Compatibility with technical labels
AXR®EL is compatible with the various synthetic substrates used to label electronic products.
Polyimide: A technical material suitable for the most extreme environments. Resistant to temperatures up to 250°C/482°F.
Polyester (PET): A durable material resistant to solvents and heat (max 160°C/320°F).
Acrylate: A material that will not become distorted when exposed to heat.

Printing quality
AXR®EL prints all types of barcode and alphanumeric characters (ANSI grade A) with great precision.
Print sharpness: The AXR®EL prints very dense barcodes, including 2D, on small labels.
Blackness: With a DOR (optical specular density) of 1.80, the AXR®EL prints data that is perfectly legible even on coloured substrates.

Certifications and standards
AXR®EL complies with the most stringent regulations including those specific to the electronics industry.


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