In vitro fertilization (IVF) Application

There are many projects that are applicable to Neurocle Deep Learning. One of the evaluations we have performed would be the IVF application.

In today’s practice, IVF lab assistants were loaded with the jobs such as identifying the maturity of human eggs and counting of number of oocytes in an IVF image.

With Neurocle, the lab assistants would be able to obtain assistance in this area.



Images used were taken from Google Images

Immature egg

Mature egg

Day 1 Maturity

Day 5 Maturity



Classification Method – Identifying Maturity Stages of Egg

Object Detection Method – Counting of Oocytes


The results were easily achieved by simplicity of Neurocle user interface and robust AI model generated.

Do feel free to contact Zincode for an evaluation should you like to explore the idea of implementing deep learning inspection in any areas.

Thanks and stay safe!

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