In vitro fertilization (IVF) Application


In vitro fertilization (IVF) Application There are many projects that are applicable to Neurocle Deep Learning. One of the evaluations we have performed would be the IVF application. In today’s practice, IVF lab assistants were loaded with the jobs such as identifying the maturity of human eggs [...]

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The Segmentation Module


The Segmentation Module One of the more comprehensive module offered by Neurocle would be the segmentation module. In this module, the detection is the most detailed as the module analyses the images down to the pixel level. The detected item could be in similar form or shape compared [...]

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The Object Detection Module


The Object Detection Module Previously, we have covered the Classification Module. Information on the Classification Module can be found in this link. The second module that we would like to introduce to you would be the Object Detection Module. It is a module very applicable to industries [...]

The Object Detection Module2023-09-26T09:58:34+08:00

The Classification Module


The Classification Module One of the modules that is applicable to industries needs is the Classification module. It is a simple yet powerful tool that categorizes an image to a single output. For steps to collecting images, you may like to refer to the article in this [...]

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How to Collect Images for Deep Learning


How to Collect Images for Deep Learning For Neurocle Deep Learning software, there is no need to be confined to a single brand of camera. The software is flexible enough to work with most image collected. IMAGE REQUIREMENTS Format:   JPG(JPEG), PNG, BMP, TIF(TIFF), DCM Size:    [...]

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4 Steps to Deploying Deep Learning Inspection


4 Steps to Deploying Deep Learning Inspection Neurocle Deep Learning Software is designed for the non-experts in the field.  Users would be able to apply deep learning technologies to anywhere they like. Deep learning technology is now very much accessible to the general population. Below are just [...]

4 Steps to Deploying Deep Learning Inspection2023-09-26T09:58:35+08:00


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